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It is customary among personal injury lawyers to charge a fee of at least 33&1/3% of the gross recovery in a case settled before a suit is filed (Steven Atsalis charges this same 33&1/3% in such a case) and at least 40% in a case settled after suit is filed. Sometimes lawyers charge fees as high as 50%, although Steven Atsalis has never done so and does not plan ever to do so.

It is customary among Social Security Disability/SSI Disability lawyers to charge a maximum fee of 25% of the recovery of past due benefits. This is done according to the guidelines of Social Security law, and this is the same fee which Steven Atsalis charges in his Social Security Disability/SSI Disability cases. In these cases you may also receive Medicare or Medicaid benefits and monthly disability payments payable for months of disability occurring after your case settles, but Mr. Atsalis does not charge any fee for those monthly benefits or for the Medicare or Medicaid benefits.

If and when Steven Atsalis begins to represent you in a personal injury case or a Social Security Disability/SSI Disability case, you and he will sign an agreement which clearly explains in detail everything about fees, expenses and costs of representation, and Mr. Atsalis will allow you to read the agreement beforehand and ask any questions. He will then provide a copy of the agreement to you after both you and he have signed. There are no hidden costs, expenses or charges. In a personal injury case or a Social Security Disability/SSI Disability case, costs and expenses are deducted and charged to the client at the time that the legal representation ends, except that in a Social Security Disability/SSI Disability case, Steven Atsalis does not ordinarily attempt to collect reimbursement for costs and expenses unless the client first is awarded disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

In any personal injury case or Social Security Disability/SSI Disability case handled by the Law Office of Steven Atsalis, you will not have to pay money up front for representation, the fee will come only out of money that you win, and you will not have to pay a fee if you do not win a judgment or settlement in your case.

For more information and for a FREE, confidential talk with Steven Atsalis, you may call TOLL-FREE 1-800-787-8281.

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