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You may consider it difficult to find which personal injury lawyer or Social Security Disability lawyer will be best for you. There are thousands of lawyers in Texas, and many of them are highly reputable and serve their clients well. Finding the right one for you may become extremely important, because the outcome of your case, especially if it is a very large one, could have a great impact on you both to your finances and your health for the rest of your life.

Over the years Steven Atsalis has established his professional reputation on the basis of several factors.

First, Steven Atsalis prides himself in his personal attention to his clients. Clients want a lawyer to be there for them when they need him. Steven Atsalis personally screens each potential client, interviews each client personally, evaluates the merits of each case himself, personally talks with private investigators, doctors, and potential witnesses, personally negotiates with insurance companies, personally settles cases, and is prepared to file suit and represent you in court. He also involves himself personally in all professional duties regarding his Social Security Disability/SSI Disability cases. Many lawyers hand over much of this important work to their employees, who are sometimes much less capable of performing the work than the lawyers who hired them. You can be sure that this will not happen to you if Steven Atsalis is your lawyer.

Second, Steven Atsalis often goes out of his way to visit clients and potential clients whenever it becomes necessary. If you as a potential client call Steven Atsalis and agree to meet with him to discuss your case, he will often agree to visit you in your home or hospital bed. This may be especially important to you if you are too sick or injured to get to Mr. Atsalis’ office on your own. Steven Atsalis has sometimes traveled long distances outside his San Antonio office to visit clients and potential clients, and he is likely to agree to do so if you so request. Of course, if you prefer to meet Mr. Atsalis in his office, he will be glad to see you there.

Third, Steven Atsalis has been a lawyer for a number of years. He was licensed to practice law in 1984, and he has experience helping injured and disabled people. He is also a member in good standing of the State Bar of Texas.

Fourth, Steven Atsalis is reasonable and up-front in the way he handles the subject of fees. Read more about this in the page entitled "Our Fees".

Fifth, Steven Atsalis takes pride in being a respected member of the community. He has received some professional honors, such as being listed in the National Registry of Who’s Who Millennium Edition and being invited for listing in Nationwide Register’s “Who’s Who in Executives and Businesses”.

Sixth, Steven Atsalis fluently speaks Spanish (and speaks other languages), has occasionally served Spanish-speaking clients, and is always prepared to accept more of them.

Seventh, The Law Office of Steven Atsalis has access to investigators, doctors, expert witnesses and other resources which may be necessary to represent you in your claim.

You can reach the Law Office of Steven Atsalis, Personal Injury/Social Security Disability lawyer and have a FREE consultation with Mr. Atsalis by calling him TOLL-FREE 1-800-787-8281.

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